Online Security

New threats and vulnerabilities are always emerging. Learn how GKCU protects your online account access and how you can take better measures to protect your identity.

Current Threats
Minimizing the risk of current threats is a cooperative effort of GKCU and our membership; Email Fraud, Malware, Text Messaging Fraud and Voice Messaging Fraud.

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How GKCU Protects You
The credit union employs strategic security controls to keep your personal and account information secure.

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How You Can Protect Yourself
The credit union strongly recommends that each member take a proactive role by employing specific measures to ensure their online security, computer, account access and identity are secure.

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Why, When & How GKCU Will Contact You
There are times when GKCU will need to contact you regarding your accounts. When we contact you, we will not ask for your account numbers or online credentials.

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