ABA Routing Transit Number

The Credit Union’s routing number is a 9-digit number listed at the bottom of your checks directly beside your account number.

ABA Check Image

GKCU’s Routing Number

Sample Checking Account Number

Electronic Debit From a Checking Account

  • Drafts may debit a checking account only.
  • Electronic drafts / debits must be established with the payee. Drafts cannot be established with the Credit Union.
  • Checking account numbers must be 11 digits. Include the institution number (003) and account number (sample:

Electronic Credit to a Checking, Share, or Money Market Account

  • Checking account numbers can be up to 8 digits; leading zeroes are not required. Checking account numbers, as they appear on physical checks, include a prefix of “003” which is not necessary to process electronic transactions and is only used when processing physical checks.
  • Share account numbers must be 9 digits. Include any leading zeros (sample:
  • Money market share accounts are coded as checking accounts. Account numbers can be up to 7 digits; leading zeroes are not required.