Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer allows you to electronically transfer funds from one Credit Union account to another on a one-time or recurring basis.

  • Establish a one-time or recurring transfer through Connect GKCU or our local branch office. If a transfer effective date falls on a weekend or holiday, the funds will be transferred on the prior business day.
  • Transfer from checking, share or money market accounts
  • Transfer to any GKCU account, including loans
  • Transfer to other GKCU members’ accounts such as a spouse’s or child’s account
  • Make loan payments and qualify for a ½% lower interest rate on GKCU personal loans
When sufficient funds are not available in your account to complete a transfer, the Credit Union’s Funds Transfer system will check the balance of the debiting account daily, beginning on the scheduled funds transfer date, and will only process the transfer when the full amount of the transfer is available. The Funds Transfer system will monitor the debiting account balance for 60 consecutive days to complete the authorized transfer, and if the transfer is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds, it will be cancelled. No charges are assessed on either the debiting or crediting account when funds are not available to complete the transfer; however, a late charge may be assessed if a transfer involves a loan payment that is cancelled or not made in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the loan or line of credit agreement.