Non-Profit Account Fees

Fees are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Effective Date: 7/2/2018

Non-Profit Checking Account

Monthly Maintenance Fee – Interest Bearing

Service Charge per Check

For 1st 50 items per statement period

For items in excess of 50 per statement period



Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee

For 1st day with NSF’s per year

After 1st day with NSF’s per year



Stop Payment Order
Overdraft Transfer1

BillPay Services

For 1st 50 payments per calendar month

For payments in excess of 50 per calendar month



Non-Profit Share (Savings)

Membership Fee2
Service Fee2
$0 / $2.00

Non-Profit Money Market Share

Service Fee3
$0 / $10.00

ATM, Debit & CashPoints® Global Cards

Card Issue / Reissue Fee
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card Replacement Fee
PLUS® Network Completed Transaction / Inquiry Fee
PLUS® Network Denied Transaction / Inquiry Fee

Miscellaneous Fees

Returned Check / Item for Deposit or Payment
Check / Statement Copies – Routine Requests4
Check / Statement Copies – Excessive Requests4
$1.00 each
Cashier’s Check Purchase5
$1.00 per cashier’s check
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer
Outgoing International Wire Transfer
Notary Service
Verification of Deposit (VOD) Request
Retro / Historical VOD Request

1A $0.50 fee will be assessed per overdraft transfer. If a share or money market share account is used as an overdraft transfer account, transfers are limited to six (6) per month. Transfers exceeding six (6) will be charged a fee equal to the current Non-Sufficient Funds Fee. Repeated excess transfers may result in loss of overdraft privileges.
2A one-time $5.00 membership fee is charged at the initial Non-Profit share account opening.
3No service fee for Non-Profit Share or Non-Profit Money Market accounts if the minimum balance is maintained. A $2.00 service fee will be charged for Non-Profit Share accounts if the balance is below the minimum balance of $10.00 on the statement date. A $10.00 service fee will be charged for Non-Profit Money Market accounts that fall below the minimum balance of $1,000 at any time during the statement period.
4No fee for routine copy requests. Excessive requests may result in a $1.00 fee per item.
5Fee applies to cashier’s checks issued for less than $500 only.