Visa® Checkout

With Visa Checkout, you can store your GKCU debit card details to avoid the hassle of entering your payment and shipping information each time you make online purchases on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Make your online shopping simple, fast and secure by following the steps below to enroll in Visa Checkout. Once you’ve enrolled, you can breeze through shopping online anywhere you see the Visa Checkout logo! With Mobile Payments, you can securely use your GKCU debit card with just one tap or click from your device. They are secure and simple to use with all the benefits of your GKCU debit card.

Create an Account
Visit on either your smartphone or web browser, then select "Create Account".

Add Contact Info
Enter the requested name, email address, mailing address and phone number, then select "Create Account".

Add Card
Enter the requested card information and your billing address, then select "Add Card".

For more information, visit the Visa Checkout site.