Our Mission

To Cooperate

With other credit unions and support the credit union movement through active participation in credit union organization – state and national

To Distribute

To members an adequate return for the use of their savings in proportion to the degree of their participation as savers

To Maintain

A democratic, service-minded organization which will provide a climate that will attract and encourage members to serve as officials of committee members – that will attract and retain capable employees – that will make members proud to belong

To Make

Loans to members for provident and productive purposes at a low rate of interest

To Promote

Thrift among members by encouraging systematic savings so as to strengthen members’ overall financial security

A program of effective member education so that members can better understand the rights and responsibilities of consumers in order to improve their standards of living

The dignity of man by providing advice, counsel, and financial service which will assist members to carry their share of responsibility as citizens of community, state, nation, and world

Mutual understanding within the community

To Provide

Services to meet membership needs

Protection for funds of members in every possible way, in accordance with law and prudent business practices

Employment with reasonable compensation and security, to exercise a high regard for the welfare of employees and to train them to their fullest potential

To Return

To borrowers, who create the major source of income, monies in excess of those needed to operate and perpetuate the credit union, according to each member’s degree of participation as borrower

*Quoted rates, dividends, annual percentage yields (APY) and rates (APR) are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors. © Greater Kinston Credit Union