Visa® Secured Credit Card Balance Transfer

As a service to our members, GKCU offers the ability to transfer your high interest credit card balances from other institutions to an GKCU Visa Secured Credit Card with no transfer fee.1 Choose from the two options below to make a transfer today.

Request Online via Connect GKCU

Step 1: With an existing Visa Secured Credit Card, you can request an online credit card cash advance2 to your checking account.

Step 2: Create a BillPay payment from your checking account to your other credit card accounts with other issuers.

Request Cash Advance

Print Request Form

Consolidating your existing cards can be done by completing the Transfer Request Form below and taking it to your local branch.

If you prefer, you can bring your last credit card statements from your other financial institution(s) into your local branch to start the process.

Print Balance Transfer Request

1 Interest begins to accrue at time of balance transfer.
2 The maximum online cash advance amount is the available line of credit or $10,000, whichever is less. Please visit the GKCU branch location for amounts higher than $10,000.