Visa® Checkout

With Visa Checkout, you can store your GKCU debit card details to avoid the hassle of entering your payment
and shipping information each time you make an online purchase on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Make your
online shopping simple, fast and secure by following the steps below to enroll in Visa Checkout. Once you’ve
enrolled, you can breeze through shopping online anywhere you see the Visa Checkout logo!

Visit Visa Checkout for more detailed information.

Step 1:
Visit on
either your smartphone or
web browser, then select
"Create an Account".
Visa Checkout Step 1

Visa Checkout Step 2
Step 2:
Enter the information
requested and select
"Create Account".

Step 3:
Manually enter your debit
card information and then
select "Add Card".
Visa Checkout Step 3

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