How GKCU Protects You

Account Access

The credit union employs strategic security controls to keep your personal and account information secure.

Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check)

The credit union provides the Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check) security feature to our members for added online protection. ID Check verifies user identity upon sign on to protect personal and account information. Every measure is taken with this process to ensure privacy and security to our members when accessing their accounts via the internet.

Connect GKCU

  • The credit union uses a multi-layered approach to protect you.
  • User identity verified at Connect GKCU sign on with Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check)
  • Unique, alphanumeric User ID and Password are defined and maintained by you.
  • We store the complex computer or mobile device identifiers that come to us naturally when you access our site. We use this data for additional authentication.
  • All online sessions are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
  • Automated time-out functionality for inactive sessions logs you out if you forget to log off.
  • The "Remember me" option lowers the risk of fraud on your account by reducing the chance that a keylogger or other malicious software on your computer will be able to capture your online credentials.
  • Exclusion of account numbers on all Alerts protects account information that is sent to your smartphone.

Online Fraud Monitoring

Fraud detection, or online forensics, plays a critical role in enabling the credit union to protect your assets by allowing us to identify threats. The following are some of the steps we use:
  • Real-time monitoring of online and card transactions using neural net technology.
  • Multiple firewalls, anti-virus systems, and multiple intrusion detection and prevention systems.
  • Branding protection to guard against spoofing.
  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Trojan systems.

    • Monitoring of over 3.5 billion emails worldwide each day.
    • Extensive counter-measures to bring down fraudulent sites.
    • Monitoring of fraudulent networks to identify and obtain card and credential information available for sale in the underground markets.

  • Regular independent, external audits and 3rd party vulnerability testing of our systems and network including 'hack attacks' to try to break into our systems.
  • External fraud detection services to complement our internal efforts.
  • Daily web log review for attacks, threats, hackers, uploads, downloads, and attempted access from questionable locations.
Security is a joint effort between the credit union and you. To ensure that every measure is taken to keep your information and account access secure, please review measures you may take to protect yourself.

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